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This is the Administration page. It provides the site administrator (you) with many tools to assist you in maintaining the database. The software supports the ability to have multiple companies in the same marketing group. This page will also be password protected on your site, but for the purpose of demonstration no password is necessary.

Administrator Controls

The first link takes you to a page where you search the member database and may edit member's information.
Edit member database
The next link takes you tyo a page where you may get a list of email addresses of members in the system. You may select criteria for listing the members. The text may then be cut-and-pasted to a text file and used for mass mailing.
Dump e-mail addresses
This link allows you to add different companies to the system. This feature is designed for those who have a marketing group and wish to support multiple opportunities.
Edit company database
The next link displays the entire member database in plain text for cutting and pasting to a text file.
Dump member database as ASCII
The next link shows the signup statistics for the day. These statistics are also emailed to you daily in your "daily report"
View signup log for today
The next link shows you all the members who have been removed from the system and for what reason. This information is also included in the "daily report" which is emailed to you.
View withdrawal log to date

The next link will return you to the main demo page.
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